Ozone kills bacteria and viruses more effectively than chlorine or UV to offer a natural alternative for many domestic and commercial applications thereby reducing the use of harmful chemicals and disinfection byproducts

NOVOZONE has supplied over 10,000 ozone generators since 1992 - let our experience assist you with new applications, replacements, or repairs of existing equipment

Understanding Ozone

It protects us from the harmful UV rays coming from the Sun and can also replace chemicals to sanitise our environment

Odour Removal

Novozone offers a selection of ozone models to assist with odour removal. Click below to discover the most suitable for you

Spa & Swimming Pools

Enjoy crystal clear water in you spa or swimming pool without harsh chemicals and associated irritations

Rain Water Tanks

With more people collecting rain water in tanks, you want to know the water is safe to consume and the best solution is ozone 


Plants require high quality clean water to prevent disease and maximise crop yields


Ozone can break down organic wastes in recirculating systems in order to maintain better environmental control

Food Production

Ozone can be used to sanitise work surfaces, factory spaces, storage facilities, wine barrels, etc without leaving any chemical byproducts


Ozone is the perfect water treatment solution for farms killing bacteria, coliforms, viruses, and removing unwanted metals

Water Bottling

Ozone can be used for both bottle rinsing prior to fill and also for the water being used to fill

Bird & Pest Control

Ozone is an irritant to birds and other pests so can be used to stop them from entering and nesting in warehouses and other locations

Ethylene Control

Ozone can reduce spoilage of fresh fruits and vegetables and delay fruit ripening by directly oxidising ethylene


Ozone can be used for laundry applications to provide cost savings in both hot water and detergent


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