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  • Y-Shaped Ozone Faucet

    Y-Shaped Ozone Faucet by Kate Stevens

    When ozone contacts bacteria, it destroys the membrane layer causing it to disintegrate. The bacteria- killing ability of ozone is 200 times stronger than chlorine. The y shaped ozone faucet fits in perfectly to your kitchen and provides antibacterial water on demand.

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  • Pulldown Ozone Faucet

    Pulldown Ozone Faucet by Kate Stevens

    The uses for the ozone faucet are limitless. Food preparation is the main use to remove pesticides and bacteria from vegetables, meats and seafood so it it is safe and lasts longer.

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  • 10 Second External Ozone Faucet

    10 Second External Ozone Faucet by Kate Stevens

    Investing in an ozone faucet quickly pays for itself: You will have lower electricity bills from not using hot water to clean, is it needs to be above 60°C to be generally effective. The Cashido 10 second external faucet is extreme user friendly and effective in delivering the right amount of ozone to you right in your own home.

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  • ​Ozone in food processing operations

    ​Ozone in food processing operations by Hans Holtz

    Produce is washed and disinfected with ozone-enriched water. The use of chlorine as the primary sanitizing agent for food processing operations is under scrutiny. Growing consumer awareness of the danger to health with nasty disinfection chemicals and pesticides on produce supports the need for alternative sanitation technologies. Ozone is just as effective as common sanitizing agents used in the food industry and will prove to be the green alternative for sanitary washing.

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  • The best way to remove annoying smells

    The best way to remove annoying smells by Kate Stevens

    If you live in an apartment and you are often cooking, or are out working or having fun, chances are you leave the windows and doors locked.

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