Modern Silver Ionization Technology supplements Ozonation

Approved technology

Silver ionization technology is recognized by the WHO, EU, EPA and FDA as effective and safe. The efficacy is backed by more than 100 independent research studies.

Safe technology

The ions introduced into the water are safe for human consumption and do not damage the plumbing infrastructure.

Residual sanitation

The ions remain in the water for a long period of time providing long-term disinfection.

No bromates formation

Silver ionization produces no bromates and provides an effective disinfection solution.

No organoleptic change

Silver ionization creates no taste changes to the water. Further it changes no smell, colour, physical or chemical properties of the water.

ECO friendly

The most environmentally friendly solution, no chemicals, no harmful disinfection by-products.

Why Silver Ionization?

Silver has been known to have anti-bacterial properties since Roman times.
NASA designed a silver ionization system the size of a matchbox for its Apollo flights potable water supply to eliminate bacteria and viruses. Because of silver ionization, drinking water could be produced safely in space without the use of chlorine.

It has been proven to be an effective biocide, attacking a wide range of microorganisms, with no observed toxic side effects on humans, as long as concentrations are kept within an adequate range (Landau 2007).

The profile of modern silver ionization technology is raised in a range of bottled water and drinking water treatment systems.

iWater Silver Ionizer System - Bottled Water Disinfection Systems

The silver ionizer system comprises the electrode assembly and the control unit.

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A Simple System

A typical ozonation system comprises an oxygen concentrator, ozone generator, injector, booster pump, dissolved ozone monitor and a contact tank.

Having fewer components, the ionizer system is much simpler comprising an automatic control unit and a silver electrode assembly. This makes it a lower maintenance and cost effective system.

Our silver ioniser uses computer control to achieve accurate silver ion dosing. The HMI interface provides operator friendly system data and process parameters.

iWater Silver Ionizer Control Screen - Bottled Water Disinfection Systems

How Does It Work?

When silver ions are released into water, these positively charged ions bond with negatively charged areas on the micro-organism’s cell walls.

Silver ions bond to various parts of the cell, such as the DNA and RNA, cellular proteins and respiratory enzymes, causing all life support systems in the cell to be immobilized. As a result, there is no more cellular growth or cell division, causing bacteria to no longer multiply and eventually die out.
The ions remain active until they are absorbed by a micro-organism.

The Residual Effect

A benefit of silver ionization is that ions remain in the water for a long period of time and continue to have an anti-microbial effect over weeks and months.
The deactivation rate of silver ionization is lower than that of ozone or UV.
This provides long-term disinfection and protection from recontamination.

No Bromate Formation

If sufficient levels of bromide are present in water during ozonation, the potential exists to form bromate. The US EPA has a limit of 10 ppb of bromate in drinking water. Many drinking water sources contain bromide so the application of ozone must be done in a way that minimizes the potential to form this compound.

Bromate formation can be minimised by lowering the ozone dose, agitation, pH and temperature and increasing the level of alkalinity.

Balancing the ozone water treatment to minimise bromate formation whilst controlling the pathogens in the water can be a real challenge.

Silver ionization produces no bromates and provides an effective disinfection solution.

How effective is it?

The study of Pathak and Gopal (2012) evaluated the efficacy of silver ions against E. coli. Bacteria using electrolytically generated silver ions. The results show that complete bacterial inactivation (3 log) was achieved at 20 ppb concentration at neutral pH and ambient temperature.

The efficacy of silver ion technology is confirmed by hundreds of independent research studies.

Our systems comply with the New Zealand, Australian and World Health Organization drinking standards.

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