External Faucet

Nature's own sanitizer at your fingertips

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D.I.Y kit containing Ozone generator plus Injector to fit on existing faucet
Different injector adaptors are available for common faucet threads, traditional faucets without threads and diverters for use with water filtration systems.
Includes LED indicator and ozone switch
Auto turn-on for instant ozonized water
100mg Corona Discharge ozone generator
Ozone concentration in water: 0.5 ppm
In air: 0.03 ppm
Kit includes Universal power pack (NZ/AUS style), Ozone delivery hose and Check valve


Novozone in conjunction with Cashido introduces a new series of kitchen mixers that produce ozonized water straight from the tap.

This has opened the door to cleaner, safer, healthier and chemical free living.

The ozone tap kills bacteria, disinfects work surfaces and kitchen equipment, neutralizes pesticides and chemical residues.

Rural tank water users will appreciate that ozonized water also removes odours from roof water.

The water out of the ozone tap produces oxygen rich water with 2-4 times the oxygen content of regular tap water.

This makes healthy, great tasting drinking water!


Bacteria are everywhere. The uses for the ozone tap are limitless.

Food preparation is the main use to remove bacteria from vegetables, meats and seafood so it is safe and lasts longer.

To neutralize pesticides and chemical residues, some which can remain in your body are carcinogenic.

To wash hands in schools, offices, restaurants, hotels, rest rooms, day care facilities etc.

Use it at home to sanitize work surfaces, clean kitchen equipment, bathrooms, mop the floor and wash clothes.


Ozone is worldwide approved as a sanitizer by the FDA, USDA and USDA Organic and even approved for use on organic foods.

Compared to chlorine, ozone eliminates E.coli approximately 3000 times faster and eradicates all known viruses, bacteria and microorganism and is safe to drink.

It neutralizes pesticides, chemicals, detergents and odours while remaining safe for you and the environment.

The Cashido Ozone Tap is fully tested and approved by international certification bodies for meeting efficacy, safety and quality standards.


The Ozone Tap reduces the carbon footprint by replacing harsh chemicals with ozone - a renewable and sustainable solution to sanitation.

The 'fressness smell' after a lightning storm is due to ozone. As nature's sanitizer, it is one of the most powerful oxidizing and disinfection agents.

Unlike chemical sanitizers, the Ozone Tap leaves no toxic by-products, chemical fumes or residues.

After sanitizing, the ozone decomposes to oxygen and raises the level of dissolved oxygen in the water.

Our mission at Novozone is to bring to market safe eco-friendly water purifying solutions. With over 15 years of experience in producing ozone applications we strive to provide the best ozone products so you can benefit from our experience.