The best way to get rid of bacteria is not with antibacterial soap

by Kate Stevens

Wash hands with ozone faucets

It may come as a surprise that last last year the FDA released a statement that antibacterial soap is unhealthy.

The reason for this is the study that uncovered that the main ingredient in antibacterial soap, triclosan is unhealthy for you and ineffective in killing bacteria.

While it became popular in the 90's for its apparent abilities to inhibit the fatty acids found in bacteria that it uses to multiply. However this chemical only worked in a study sponsored by Colgate to remove plaque and gingival inflammation.

Independent studies show that triclosan is not significantly effective in killing bacteria.

Invest in an ozone faucet

The best way to get rid of all bacteria, although expensive is to invest $500-$900 in an ozone tap. This works by converting the air we breathe into a gas that will break down harmful bacteria and viruses. The tap uses the correct amount of ozone so it isn't harmful to anyone in the small amount that is created and returns back into oxygen within 20 seconds.

Doesn't disrupts hormones

Antibacterial soap contains harsh chemicals that can cause you to develop allergies, including peanut allergies and hay fever. It also can cause thyroid hormone to vary affecting your temperature and weight. Oxygen is completely natural and with an ozone faucet you can get rid of all bacteria effectively without harmful chemicals.

Resistant to antibiotics

If you use antibacterial soap, it kills the good bacteria on your skin and allows this resistance to spread. This means that you will become resistant to antibiotics. Using ozone to kill bacteria in the right concentration will not affect the good bacteria you need to have a healthy immune system and fight off infections without antibiotics.

Harms the environmental

Using triclosan in cleaning products ultimately gets washed down the drain and into rivers or oceans. This chemical disrupts algae's ability to grow and clean the water and even animals. Dolphins have been found to have this chemical in their blood. Ozone is completely natural and doesn't harm the environment in anyway.

Alternatives like a non-antibiotic had sanitiser or alcohol dry out your hands and can cause skin irritation, if they are used everyday. Although it isn't the cheapest option to own an ozone tap, they are of a very high quality and will last a lifetime when maintained properly. You won't have to splash out on expensive cleaning products to do the job of keeping your home and environment healthy and safe anymore.

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