​Ozone in food processing operations

by Hans Holtz

Produce sanitizing in ozone enriched water


The attached video demonstrates how post harvest produce is washed and disinfected with ozone-enriched water prior to packaging.

The use of chlorine as the primary sanitizing agent for food processing operations by the New Zealand food industry is under scrutiny. Growing consumer awareness of the danger to health with nasty disinfection chemicals and pesticides on produce supports the need for alternative sanitation technologies.

The use of ozone as an alternative to chlorine lies in the fact that ozone is a 52% stronger disinfectant than chlorine as this table illustrates:

Efficacy tests show that ozone-enriched (ozonized) water has been proven as a safe and cost-effective method of killing micro-organisms.

The main benefits on washing produce in ozone-enriched water are:

  • Leaves no residual on the product
  • Longer shelf life
  • Improved product colour and appearance
  • Reduced product spoilage
  • Removes pesticides
  • FDA and USDA-Organic approved
  • Reduced cost of sanitizing chemicals
  • Green technology

The ozone system can be easily integrated into most existing conveyor lines and flumes. The ozone-enriched water is directly injected into the process’ water stream and an ozone residual is maintained to ensure effective disinfection.

Once an ozone system is installed, the equipment can be used for surface sanitation, spraying ozone-enriched water on plant equipment, floors etc thereby reducing chemical sanitizing costs and also to disinfect the water so it can be recycled or safely discharged.

Contact Novozone for further information, we will work with you to determine the right system to meet your needs.

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