The difference is crystal clear with ozone

Quality pools deserve healthy water! Now your pool can have crystal clear water without pungent odours and irritations.

No eye, skin or respiratory irritation

Exceptional water clarity

No toxic chemicals

Domestic Pools

For more than 100 years, ozone has been used around the world as a natural and effective sanitiser for drinking water. More recently, ozone has become the premium water treatment system for swimming pools as more and more people find chemicals less acceptable.


Bathers can now enjoy crystal clear water that is free of harsh chemicals. Ozone creates a standard of water quality that is so superior you’ll never want to swim in a “chemical” pool again.

Ozone systems are easy to install and inexpensive to operate. They offer the most effective alternative to large quantities of traditional pool chemicals such as chlorine or bromine.

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Hot Tubs

In a hot type or spa pool, the body can absorb half a litre of water every half hour. The body also absorbs chlorine through the skin and through respiration. Chlorine forms toxic chloro-organic compounds.

Ozonation minimises the use of chemicals. The water is cleaner, feels softer and is healthier to swim in. The whole family can enjoy using the hot tub with less eye, skin and respiratory irritations associated with water that is heavily treated with chemicals.


Spa Pools

With ozonation you can enjoy your pool without the need to shower off the chlorine and bromine smell on your skin. You can enjoy spending more time in the water without suffering from dry skin or red eyes.

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Commercial Pools

Disinfectant comparisons

All Olympic swimming pools are treated with ozone because of the fantastic water clarity it creates. Millions of viewers around the world can see the clarity captured through underwater cameras.

Chlorine and ozone work great together. Chlorine can allow cryptosporidium to survive for many days but ozone will instantly kill it through oxidation.

Bromine is not used in commercial pools because the Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) is hard to maintain. Customers also complain about the odour and discoloured water Bromine creates.


How much Ozone is needed?

Novozone designs ozone systems for primary oxidation to reduce chlorine levels to 20-50%. Current regulations for public swimming pools require a chlorine residual.

Ozone for domestic swimming pools is usually sized according to the pool water volume and budget.

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