We welcome the opportunity to work with you and provide an ozone solution that meets your requirements

  1. HISTORY - in 1992, NOVOZONE pioneered the development of a revolutionary corona discharge ozone cell. NOVOZONE patented this new technology and soon began supplying a large number of ozone generators around the world
  2. CURRENT - NOVOZONE continues to supply ozone generators to customers in New Zealand and around the world with over 11,000 now in service for commercial and domestic applications.
  3. TECHNOLOGY - NOVOZONE continues to stay at the forefront of ozone technology incorporating latest developments in to our systems to provide our customers with the 
  4. SERVICE & REPAIR - ozone is a powerful oxidiser and ozone machines need regular service in order to maintain peak performance. We are proud to have the expertise, tools, test equipment and products to maintain your ozone generator be it a NOVOZONE model or from another supplier

11 / 13 Coles Ave, Mount Eden
Auckland, New Zealand 1024


Phone: (09) 415 3335

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